My name is Luke Whittaker, an upcoming and emerging Canadian born artist. I received my BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2020.

Although I have graduated as a member of the Painting Department, I have never identified myself as a strictly a painter, rather I draw with every medium I use. I obsess over figuration in everyday experiences. Capturing a feeling, moment, position or scene. The goal of my work is to pull the physical body out of the mediums I use. The stories they tell are similar to a timestamp of the moments that I am working on my projects. Emotions, history, thoughts, and feelings all captured from observation. Attempting to extract and reveal the body that resides underneath the surface of the canvas becomes a dance between my own figure and that of the painting. In order to expose the figure, I am constantly moving back and forth between materials ranging from classic charcoal and graphite to photoshop and illustrator. My physical paintings and drawings always find a new life through the digital collages I create from photographs of them.

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